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Rare Pairings Corner Section Award Banners!

Hi all! Here’s the last few sections of the Fang Fetish Awards to finish off Round 10. This post is the Rare Pairings Corner award banners only. There will be another 3 posts directly after this one consisting of the Vampiric Section award banners, the Judge/Mod’s Choice and Best Author award banners, and finally a text only post of all of them.

Best Rare Het Pairing

Winner: Surfacing by Only_passenger

Runner Up: Key to My Heart by Spikeslovebite
R/RU Het

Best Rare Fem slash Pairing

Winner: Forward by Snowpuppies
R/Win Femslash

Runner Up: Life After Sunnydale by Cordelianne
R/RU Femslash

Best Rare Maleslash Pairing

Winner: Deconstruction in A minor (Spke/Oz) by Snowpuppies
R/Win Maleslash

Runner Up: Safe (Spike/Giles) by DeborahMM
R/RU Maleslash


Winner: Saturation (Giles/Xander/Spike) by wesleysgirl and janedavitt
R/Win 3/4/more

Runner Up: Sense Memory (Buffy/Angel/Riley) by lynnenne

R/RU 3/4/more

Best Heat

Winner: Delicate (Willow/Wesley) by Eurydice
R/Win Heat

Runner Up: Dark Desires (Giles/Willow) by UncagedMuse and Spikeslovebite

R/RU Heat

Best Alternate Reality

Winner: Everything Xander Knows About Time Travel (Giles/Xander) by Soft Princess and Mireille
R/Win AR

Runner Up: Collateral Damage (Giles/Wesley) by psychoadept & versaphile


Most Original

Winner: A Dash of Colour (Drusilla/Illyria) by Rhaella
R/Win Original

Runner Up: Memory (Willow/Fred) by Snowpuppies
R/RU Original

Runner Up: Breaking Glass (Giles/Ethan) by Antennapedia
R/RU2 Original

Best Fluffy/Lighthearted

Winner: Apples, Oranges and Pears (Giles/Xander) by Antennapedia
R/Win Fluff

Runner Up: Happenstance (Xander/Riley) by allyndra
R/RU Fluff

Best Angst/Dark

Winner: Deconstruction in A Minor (spike/Oz) by Snowpuppies
R/Win Angst/Dark

Winner: Key to My Heart (xander/dawn) by Spikeslovebite
R/Win2 Angst/Dark

No runner up due to tie for winner.

Best Short

Winner: To Feed the Good Wolf by girlpire (angel/nina)
R/Win Short

Runner Up: Epilogue by Snowpuppies (dawn/xander)
R/RU Short

Best Long/Saga

Winner: Angels and Insects by lynnenne (Angel/Spike/Connor)
R/Win Long

Runner Up: Everything Xander Knows About Time Travel (Giles/Xander) by Soft Princess and Mireille
R/RU Long

Vampiric Non-Spuffy, Award Banners

Judges/Mod’s Choice and Best Author Award Banners

Text Post

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