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Hi everyone! Fang Fetish Awards is now open for nominations. Sorry for the lateness, but RL got in the way all day long.

This post will have locked comments in order to keep all nominations private. Due to locking comments I will be unable to reply back, because it would unlock that nomination for all to see. I will update nominations once a week on a new post I’ll make a week from today w/the first noms. Here is the list of CATEGORIES and the RULES to help with nominating. The dates for this round are as follows.

Round 11 Dates
Nominations: Monday June 29th - Sunday August 16th 2009
Judging: Monday August 17th - Sunday October 4th 2009
Awards Announced on Monday October 19th 2009

Below is what you will use to make nominations. All you have to do is copy it, put the name of the author/artist you are nominating, the fic/art Url (link back to the work) you are nominating, the author/artist’s email address (must have so that we can email them), the category(ies) you are nominating them in, your name, your email address in case we have a question, and our rules phrase, which is found in the RULES. Remember to read the RULES before nominating so that your nomination counts! Finally comment with this filled out to nominate the fic/art.

Author/Artist Name:
Fic/Art Title and Url (link):
Author/Artist Email Address:
Fic Characters/Pairing:
Category(ies) you are nominating in:
Your Name:
Your Email Address:

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