UncagedMuse (raemcn) wrote in fangfetish,

More Updated Nominations!

The nominations are once again current, as of a few minutes ago, so run on over and check them out here! You might just have been nommed again for something else! I've only been emailing the authors/artists once about being nominated the first time, so as not to clutter up their inbox and due to the fact I'm flying at top speed in RL as well as doing this.

I did have to remove two more noms from the list that I never received any acceptance for, even though I put a great deal into trying to contact them several times. *pouts* I really don't like removing nominations.

Remember, this is the last week for nominations. They will be closed Sunday, Aug. 16th. Take a look at what categories are still open and nominate here.

Rae aka UncagedMuse co-owner FFA

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