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R11 Winners Announcement!

I’m finally off work and here to announce Round 11 of the Fang Fetish Awards is officially done! I have the winners and runners up below w/links to the award banner posts at the bottom.

YAY! We’re on time! Although, I still have to email all of the winners. *headdesk*

One thing I want to point out, there were a lot of great, award worthy fics this round, but we need to be careful where we nominate. If they aren’t nominated in the best possible category for them, another fic that fits the category and is written just as well will definitely beat the other out. Part of our judging criteria has to do with the fic fitting the category it is nominated in. Please keep this in mind and if you’re not for sure where a fic would fit when nominating, you can always email fangfetish@gmail.com.

This post is text only, but the links to the gorgeous award banners, courtesy of kargrif, deedo_2313, and edgehead73, are below.


Best Drabble
Winner: Cardboard Memorial by gabrielleabelle (Spike, Andrew)
Runner Up: An Evil Name Should Be Like Lex, or Voldemort, or… by deirde1 (Andrew, Jonathan, Warren)

Best Ficlet
Winner: Capturing the Moment by Bruttimabuoni (Buffy/Angel)
Runner Up: Gemini by only_passenger (Buffy/Faith)

Best Gen Fic
Winner: Angels in the Architecture by only_passenger (Faith, Buffy)
Runner Up: Her Gift by Lily Lovely (Dawn)

Unique Universe
Winner: Exiles by Nwhepcat (Oz, Sam Winchester BtVS/SPN crossover)
Runner Up: Almost a New Friend by firefly_124 (crossover w/Harry Potter Giles, Snape)

Best Non-Vampire Pairing
Winner: Florence Fucking Nightingale by Sahiya (Faith/Giles)
Runner Up: Another Time, Another Place by obiwahn (Giles/Anya)

Edge of Insansity
Winner: To Go On by Lily Lovely (Spike/Angel)
Runner Up: The Clocks Series by Gabrielle (Angel/Willow Angel/Drusilla)


Best Heat
Winner: Bake Me A Bloody Cake by Abby
Runner Up: Wreckage by Holly

Most Original
Winner: Scarlet and Midnight by penny_lane_42
Runner Up: The Worst Journey in the World by Shapinglight

Best Fluffy/Lighthearted
Winner: Baby Likes to Roleplay by NautiBitz
Runner Up: Bake Me A Bloody Cake by Abby

Best Angst/Dark
Winner: Scarlet and Midnight by penny_lane_42
Runner Up: The Widening Gyre by Cindergal
Runner Up: The Worst Journey in the World by Shapinglight

Best Short
Winner: With This Ring by rebcake
Runner Up: Better by pfeifferpack

Best Long/Saga
Winner: The Worst Journey in the World by Shapinglight
Runner Up: Whispers by Abby


Best Het
Winner: Last Train Leaving Wonderland by liz_marcs (vamp!Xander/vamp!Faith)
Runner Up: and every breath we drew was (hallelujah) by biggrstaffbunch (Buffy/Angel)

Best Slash
Winner: Fragments in Hard Voyages by lynnenne (Spike/Angel, Spike/Buffy, Angel/Buffy)
Winner: Crazed by Spikeskat (Spike/Oz)
No runner up due to tie for winner.

Best Heat
Winner: Come the Dawn by Snowpuppies (Spike/Dawn)
Runner Up: Memory Shines Like Teeth and Moonlight by lynnenne and kita0610 (Spike/Angel)

Most Original
Winner: Domestic Bliss by nomelon (Spike/Riley)
Runner Up: Automated Utopia by fenderlove (Spike/Fred)
Runner Up: Kin of Soul by Lit Gal (Xander/Angel)

Best Fluffy/Lighthearted
Winner: Angel’s (Not So Much) Inner Monologue by Girlpire (Spike/Angel)
Runner Up: Temporal Insanity by Nautibitz (Angel/Cordelia)

Best Angst/Dark
Winner: Freedom Isn't Free by Snogged (Angelus/Riley)
Runner Up: The Secret by Gabrielle (Willow/Angel)

Best Short
Winner: Unthinkable by Sevendeadlyfun (Wesley/Angelus)
Runner Up: Deja-Bleu by sockmonkeyhere (Spike/Fred)

Best Long/Saga
Winner: Automated Utopia by fenderlove (Spike/Fred)
Runner Up: Domestic Bliss by nomelon (Spike/Riley)


Best Icon
Winner: Icon #18 by amyxaphania aka ducktheduck
Runner Up: Hostile 17 (last icon) by sentine (Spike)
Runner Up: Giles/Faith Icon (#6) by kargrif

Judge’s Choice

Memory Shines Like Teeth and Moonlight by lynnenne and kita0610 (Spike/Angel)
Comment: I don't read much Spike/Angel, but I would if the pairing was always written with as much rich character insight and depth as this fic portrayed. The lyricism of their emotionally charged encounter is breath taking in its honest portrayal of Spike & Angel’s layered and complex feelings for each other – family, friend, foe, lover, father, son, comrade all color the intimate remembrances that the vampires have during their revealing lovemaking. There was something very true and human about what was being said in this fic and I think, in part, it is this - we are the sum of our pasts. It's what leads us to our present and everything that came before is not invalidated in deference to the Now. We love currently, we loved then, and we love others. This exceptional piece of work was beautiful, heart felt, and satisfying because it explains us as much as it explains them.

She Will Remember Him? by Moscow_watcher
Comment: A truly original idea beautifully written, and the brat voices and chaotic plotting of young Dawn and Andrew absolutely brought it to sparkling life. It is a blast of fresh air.

Deja-Bleu by sockmonkeyhere (Spike/Fred)
Comment: The meshing of death and rebirth in this amazing piece is handled so exquisitely, that the pain of one and rush of the other meet in a beautiful kind of heartbreak. One can’t help but bundle it close to the chest and move forward, just like the beloved characters of this wonderful story.

Whispers by Abby
Comment: I can't begin to describe how much I enjoyed this story. Every bit of it was perfect for me. Buffy worked through her realisation of Spike's love for her in a very believable way and the passion between the two of them on the night that they almost, but not quite, did 'it', was intense. I found the description in that encounter very erotic, all the more so because of their self-imposed barriers. I was determined to select a favourite passage - and it was hard because there were so many! - so, here it is.
“They stood, facing each other, just the two of them, divided by the line between light and shadow. The line that once meant everything to Buffy. The same line that suddenly ceased to matter. Spike couldn’t cross it, but she knew now it was never his barrier. It was always hers.”

Exiles by Nwhepcat (Oz, Sam Winchester BtVS/SPN crossover)
Comment: The very best crossovers take different universes and seamlessly weave them together into a new platform onto which thoughtful character studies, fresh viewpoints, and interesting plotlines can be built. Nwhepcat's Exiles is just such a story: unique, entertaining, and thought provoking. Whether you come from the Buffy or the Supernatural fandom, there is a great deal here to enjoy.

Whispers by Abby
Comment: I loved the characterization of Buffy in this fic. I completely agree with your premise that Spike had changed and how you showed how Buffy realized this change was delightful. I also enjoyed how beautiful the intimacy between the two was written. Good work!

Mod’s Choice

Songs FromThe Cellar by pfeifferpack
Comment: The originality and beauty of this short piece encompasses all aspects of Spike’s personality, bringing his character to life, and causing the reader to feel every emotion he has. Using several poems, Pfeifferpack wrote herself, for Spike to express how he sees Buffy and what she means to him, while he sits alone in her basement listening to her and the houseful of potentials, is breathtaking.

Domestic Bliss by nomelon (Spike/Riley)
Comment: Nomelon throws Spike and Riley together in a post-NFA setting and makes it work. The characterization is spot on. The story is intriguing and suspenseful and kept me clicking the next button at the bottom of the page until I reached the end. And then I wanted more…

The Widening Gyre by Cindergal
Comment: This story captures the despair and paranoia of a world gone to hell, and the very personal tragedy that has separated a Spike and Buffy who had found their way to a healthy, loving relationship. But Spike and Buffy never give up. It's who they are. I think the author summed this up best herself: A horror story. A love story. A dark fairytale. It's all of those, and beautifully written.

The Gap by Snowpuppies (Spike/Xander, Dracula)
Comment: A very funny fic seeing everything from Dracula's point of view and his disgust was a great touch. The dialogue was spot on and the boy's deliciously clueless. Drac finally confronting them about their attraction and their reaction to it was perfect.

The Worst Journey in the World by Shapinglight
Comment: I like this story. It has just the right combination of original plotline, smooth pacing, a clear steady tone, and defining character voice. I also like that the author has made use of strategically-placed foreshadowing rather than laying the whole of the plot out in the first chapter. It keeps the reader engaged without becoming trite; builds the mystery slowly and steadily without giving too much away at one time.

Ministers of Grace by penny_lane_42 (Drusilla)
Comment: Drusilla is a difficult character to write, and too many authors imbue her with a sense of ridiculous fancy or a dimensionality which doesn’t capture adequately her essence. This story is one of the rate exceptions to the rule. Evocative, emotional, and exceptionally executed, “Ministers of Grace” encapsulates at a moment in time an often overlooked yet compelling character. Well done!

Best Author

Winner: seductivembrace

Runner Up: nwhepcat

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Spuffy Section Award Banners and All Pairing Section Award Banners!

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