UncagedMuse (raemcn) wrote in fangfetish,

Just Rewards' Archive Submissions

*waves sheepishly*

Hi everyone,

I've just realized, since Athenewolfe has not been able to do anything fandom wise in a very long time, that many authors who have won at the Fang Fetish Awards in the last few rounds have not been asked to submit their winning fictions to our Just Reward's Archive. http://www.athenewolfe.com/justrewards/index.php

This fiction archive was set up specifically to house Fang Fetish award winning fiction. All authors who have won with an award with at least one fic is asked to submit that fic. If you've won some type of award with three or more fics we ask if you would like to upload all of your fiction. It does not matter the pairing, fandom, or if it's original writing or fanfiction as long as you've won with at least 3 different fics. If you've won with 3 or more, we validate you to upload without having to be screened.

The major problem is I've never worked on the JR archive and really dont' know how to validate an author who's won w/3 or more fics to all access posting (no need to submit fiction, just upload it). I went in tonight and validated the submissions we had for award winning fic. I may have even validated for full access. I'm not for sure, *shrugs* lol

The point of this post is to ask all who have won in the last few rounds of our awards, but do not have full access to post, to submit those fics to Just Rewards. I will hit the validate button and hope that is correct. The few I did tonight did show up on teh most recent fic page. GO ME! lol I will also ask a friend and co-mod of the award site, who knows these things, how to validate for full access on those who have won w/at least 3 different fics so no more waiting around for me to validate.

I'm sorry I didn't realize this sooner. Please forgive the completely techno idiot that is me.

Rae aka UncagedMuse, co-owner Fang Fetish and Just Rewards

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